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  • Vaccination And Your Older Dog

Dogs of all ages can and do become seriously ill or die from infectious diseases that could have been prevented through vaccination.

It is a common misconception that immunity from their primary puppy vaccinations lasts for life or is less important as your dog ages.

Older dogs are more prone to disease and as with everything prevention is always better than cure! Their immune systems become less efficient and weakened over time. Infections are picked up more easily and as a result, senior dogs may not be able to fight off disease as well as they could when they were younger.

The regular annual visits for a booster vaccination, also allows your vet to perform a full clinical examination and check up. This enables us to spot the early signs of any disease conditions which may be developing. The onset of many of these symptoms are often subtle and easy to miss. For example weight loss, increased thirst or changes in appetite and behaviour can all be closely monitored by regularly attending healthchecks for your older dog. Many diseases and conditions are much better controlled when they are diagnosed early for example renal and dental disease.

At Cinque Ports Vets we offer Senior Clubs which offers you the opportunity to regularly attend check ups with your veterinary nurse.  These help you monitor your pets health in between their annual or six monthly checks with the vet.

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