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  • Senior pet checks at Cinque Ports Vets

Our Golden Oldie appointments are the ideal opportunity to discuss the changes which may be happening as your pets reach their golden years.

Dogs are classed as senior depending on their size. Smaller breeds are senior from around 8 years of age but the larger/giant breeds can be classed as senior from 5-6 years of age. For cats they are usually senior around 8-10 years of age.

The aim of the check is to ease your pet into their senior years as comfortably as possible. Age related problems can creep up on you and your pet. There may be subtle signs, for example starting to slow down on walks or being stiff when getting up from lying down. It is important to remember this does not have to be an inevitable problem of getting older.

Your pet may be more prone to lumps and bumps, weight changes, behavioural changes and dental disease as they get older, as well as kidney and liver problems.

Their nutritional needs also change and we can offer advice on the best diets to feed your pets.

We offer a urine test and if necessary we can perform blood tests which can aid in the early detection of problems. We may refer you to see your veterinary surgeon for further discussion of any problems.

Regular check ups with your veterinary nurse can help detect any problems early to aid with treatment.