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  • Weight Management Clubs at Cinque Ports in Ashford in Kent

With nearly 50% of the pet population overweight, it is more important than ever to monitor your pets’ weight closely.

Although obesity can be caused by some diseases the main reason pets become overweight is because the food they eat contains more energy than they use up.

Several factors can make it more likely that your pet will become overweight including their breed, age and whether they have been neutered. Ultimately this leads to serious health problems including heart disease, arthritis and joint problems, diabetes and respiratory disease.

We offer appointments to assess your pets’ weight and offer the best advice to improve your pet’s quality of life. This may be just working out a reduction in their everyday diet, increasing their daily exercise or it can mean calculating a tailor made weight loss program with a calorie controlled diet to help your pet reach their target weight.

It is very important to lose weight safely and to ensure your pet only loses fat tissue rather than muscle mass. We recommend attending the club every 2 to 3 weeks so their weight loss can be closely monitored.

It is not advisable to drastically reduce your pet’s usual food as this reduces the amount of nutrients they receive and can affect their health.