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  • Have you lost your pet? Cinque Ports Vets give some advice

It is an awful feeling when your much loved pet has gone missing. Below is some advice to help. We also have a Facebook Group to help share your missing pet details Lost&Found Pets Kent&ESussex – Cinque Ports Vets Group.

Have you lost a pet?

  • If your pet is microchipped please inform Petlog as soon as possible www.petlog.org.uk  Tel: 0844 4633999. They are open 24 hours a day and veterinary practices and animal shelters will often call Petlog when they find a lost pet.
  • Search your local area where your pet has gone missing. If your cat is missing make sure you have searched your house thoroughly as cats can very easily find good hiding places!
    Make sure you speak to your neighbours and ask them to check their sheds and garages. For cats, searching at night when it is quieter may be beneficial as you may be able to hear them when you call for them.
  • Leave familiar items like favourite toys or an item of your clothing out in the garden. The scent may help to guide your pet home.
  • If your dog is missing, try walking around the area where they were last seen with a lead and some of their favourite treats and toys. The scent may help your dog to find you. Always call for your dog in a reassuring tone as shouting may make them think they have done something wrong and scare them off.
  • Call or email your local branch of Cinque Ports Vets. Remember to call all veterinary practices in the area, leaving a description of your pet and your contact details.
  • If your dog is missing, make sure you also call your local dog warden, local police station and local animal shelters. Also register on the DogLost national database for lost and found dogs www.doglost.co.uk
  • If your cat is missing, make sure you call the national RSPCA Tel: 0300 1234555 as they can match up lost and found cats across the UK.
  • Place lost pet posters everywhere you can and leave your contact details with as many people as possible. Remember to include a photo as people remember photos better than descriptions.
  • Visit other lost and found pet websites and register your pet’s details with as many as possible.
  • Remember to take sensible precautions. If you are offering a reward never part with any money until you have your pet safely home. Always have a detail regarding your pet that you can verify if someone calls saying they have found your pet to ensure they are genuine callers.
  • Most importantly don’t give up. Pets especially microchipped ones can return home weeks, months or even years later

If your missing pet returns:

  • Make sure you take your pet to your veterinary surgeon for a full health check.
  • Remember to take down your posters and inform people that you have found your pet.
  • If you contacted Petlog and other lost and found websites remember to let them know aswell.
  • Let us know that you have found your pet, we would love to hear how you were reunited.

Have you found a pet?

  • If you find a pet please notify your local branch of Cinque Ports Vets as they will be able to scan for a microchip and advise you on what the next step should be.
  • If you are not sure if a cat is a stray and they are wearing a collar, try attaching a note to ascertain if they are actually a stray. Make sure this is done safely for the cat. The RSPCA offer helpful advice as well as a paper collar you can print off and attach to the cat if they are not wearing one. www.rspca.org.uk/allaboutanimals/helpandadvice/straycats
  • If you have found a dog please also notify the local dog warden and the local police. Please note that the police are no longer required to take in or deal with stray dogs but can provide you with helpful contact numbers.
  • If you have found a cat please also notify the national RSPCA as well as your local branch of Cinque Ports Vets.

Useful contact numbers/websites:

www.petlog.org.uk Tel: 0844 4633999
rspca.org.uk Tel:0300 1234555

Dog wardens:

Ashford and Tenterden District:
Office hours 01233 330340
Out of hours 01233 629911

Hastings Borough Council:
Animal Wardens Ltd 24 hours a day: 0845 2417253

Rother District Council:
01424 787878

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council:
Office hours 01892 526121
Out of hours 01892 515392

Shepway District Council (Hythe and Romney Marsh):
Office hours 01303 858660
Out of hours 01303 221888