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  • Applying Eye Drops To Your Dog

Here are some hints and tips for applying eye medication to your pet prescribed by your veterinary surgeon.

It can be helpful to have an extra pair of hands to help hold your pet.

Firstly if there is any discharge around the eye, this should be wiped away with a damp piece of cotton wool. If you need to clean both eyes, separate pieces of cotton wool should be used to avoid cross contamination.

Gently, but firmly hold your pet's head and tilt their nose so it points upwards. Depending on which medication has been prescribed, you may have an ointment or drops.

Ointment will be in a tube and it is important not to directly point the nozzle at the eye. Using your finger and thumb gently part your pet's eyelids.

Holding the tube approximately parallel to the eye, gently squeeze a small amount of ointment across the eye.

Your pet will usually, automatically close their eye and you can gently massage their closed eyelids to disperse the ointment evenly over their eye. Drops will usually be in a dropper bottle and this should be held vertically, upside down about half a centimetre from the eye. A drop can then be squeezed onto the eye and then massaged as mentioned above.

If you are applying medication to both eyes it is important to apply to the unaffected eye first and avoid touching the eye with the nozzle to keep cross contamination to a minimum and avoid damaging the eye.

If you have any difficulty applying the medication please let your local branch of Cinque Ports Vets know as they will be happy to help. Veterinary nurses offer free appointments during which they can apply the medication for you.