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  • Ehrlichiosis

Ehrlichiosis is a bacterial infection transmitted by certain species of ticks called the Rhipicephalus species affecting white blood cells. It is passed on when a tick feeds on the blood of an infected dog or cat and then bites another.

Symptoms vary widely and may include:

  • depression
  • fever
  • swollen glands
  • bleeding into the eyes, from the nose, into the skin (bruising) and elsewhere
  • vomiting
  • nasal discharge
  • lameness

Chronic infections may progress to chronic debility, weight loss, arthritis and neurological disease including convulsions.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosis is confirmed from blood samples and treatment in the early stages is usually by antibiotics. Long standing infections are less likely to respond and may prove fatal.


You can help protect your dog against Ehrlichiosis by using suitable veterinary advised parasite prevention products that protect against the ticks that carry the disease.

Please ask us about our FREE Travel Clinics which help you plan the appropriate disease prevention measures and also check your pet’s microchip is still active. Remember to prepare well in advance as some parasite prevention products need to be applied well before any possible exposure to parasites. Please contact your local branch for an appointment.