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  • Diarrhoea In Rabbits

Diarrhoea is a common problem in pet rabbits. It may be a very serious condition and you should contact us if your rabbit has diarrhoea.

Rabbits with diarrhoea become rapidly dehydrated leading to a need for fluid replacement.

A high fibre diet (hay or grass) has a protective effect against diarrhoea and soft droppings.

Your rabbit should produce hard droppings in the shape of round fibrous brown spheres.

It is normal behaviour for rabbits to produce softer droppings at night, which they then eat. These are called caecotrophs. They are usually smaller than normal droppings, ovoid in shape and often in clusters. This is an important part of your rabbits’ diet. If very overweight, or has a painful mouth or back, your rabbit may be unable to reach round to clean these droppings away.

In the summer diarrhoea or matted soft droppings may attract flies, which lay their eggs around the tail base and these hatch out into maggots. You should check your rabbit twice daily in the summer and always make sure the bedding is clean and dry.

Various products are available from us to help prevent Flystrike, but attention to hygiene and rapid attention to any related health problems is paramount.

Please contact us if you would like any advice regarding your rabbit's diet, including how to help them lose weight.