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  • Rabbits And Fireworks

Help protect rabbits

The key stress triggers to avoid regarding fireworks are;

  • Noise – the inevitably loud bangs and whizzes from todays fireworks
  • Flashing lights – bright colourful displays may be beautiful for us to watch, but to an animal that doesn’t understand they can be terrifying
  • Smell – the smoke drifting across the park from the local bonfire can induce a strong fear response as well

There are 7 key recommendations:

Relocate - house rabbits can be safely kept in the home. Garden rabbits should be brought into the garage or the house.

Provide cover - cover your rabbit’s home with a dark sheet or blanket. This helps to cut out bright lights and give a feeling of shelter and protection.

Extra hay - rabbits love to burrow and hide, so provide some extra hay-bedding for a feeling of security. Good quality, dust free hay is ideal.

Sound proof - use the quietest room in the house. It may be the back room away from the road, but it could also be the front room if the neighbours are having a bonfire party in their back garden.

Relaxing sounds – it can help to provide some background noises that your rabbit is used to. Quiet music or relaxation tapes can be a good choice.

Schedule the day - keep to a routine that your rabbit is comfortable with. Feeding at the same time each day by the same person.

Encourage companions - rabbits are social animals, and like to have companions. Try to house them together and never alone.

by Burgess