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  • Saying Goodbye

It is very important at a time of loss that you consider all options available to you for your pet’s final resting place.  Where possible it can be easier to think about this in advance and we are more than happy to help discuss the various options available to you so you have no regrets at a later date.

Taking your pet home

If suitable for you, you can bury your pet at home or take them home to make your own arrangements for cremation. In some very rare cases your vet may suggest that home burial is not suitable if your pet has passed away with an infectious disease.

For smaller pets for example rabbits and guinea pigs there are garden burial products which are especially useful for children as they can be uniquely personalised by the children to help them say goodbye.

Individual Cremation

This is where we arrange for your pet to be individually cremated and their ashes returned to you.

A common worry for pet owners regarding individual cremation is if they will receive their pet’s ashes back. This is obviously based on an element of trust between us but we can reassure you that this will always be the case.

We use Cambridge Pet Crematorium which have many years of experience helping owners say farewell to their pets.

The cremations are individual, even the smallest species of pets are cremated alone within an enclosed chamber and all ash carefully collected before the next cremation commences. Owners are guaranteed that the ashes they receive will be only those of their pet.

All reputable crematoriums are happy for you to visit beforehand if you wish to. Please contact them if you wish to do so.

We can arrange the cremation for you with Cambridge Pet Crematorium. Your pet will be collected from the veterinary practice and respectfully transported to Cambridge Pet Crematorium. Their ashes will be returned to you via the veterinary practice (usually in 10-14 days) in one of their caskets or scattering boxes. This allows you to keep their ashes at home or scatter them in their favourite place.

If you prefer, you can take your pet personally to the local Pet Crematorium, David Funnell's  Cherry Tree Pet Crematorium in High Halden and they will make all the arrangements for you allowing time to say goodbye in their peaceful reception room. They can also arrange same day cremations during the week if you contact them prior to leaving us and taking your pet.

There are various options for creating a lasting tribute to your pet available from all Pet Crematoriums. These can be viewed online. Below are examples of the Scattering Box and Casket Box available from Cambridge Pet Crematorium.


Communal Cremation

This is where we arrange for your pet to be cremated, but you do not receive their ashes back. They are treated with the same care and consideration as individual cremations but their ashes will not be returned to you and they will be cremated with other pets. Their ashes then remain with Cambridge Pet Crematorium.

Paw Prints

We can also offer you the opportunity to have a paw print taken of your pet’s paw in a little keepsake box. 

Please also ask if you would like us to take fur clippings for you to keep. We can offer you to take the clippings home in a 'Remember Me' paper envelope or for a small charge a keepsake glass bottle.

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