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  • How healthy is your pet's mouth?

A healthy mouth usually has pale pink gums and bright white teeth. However problems will occur if plaque and tartar are allowed to build up on your pet's teeth. 

Plaque is naturally sticky and is composed of millions of bacteria which, over time, will lead to inflammation of the gums-a condition called gingivitis. This is frequently accompanied by the accumulation of calculus (tartar) on the surface of the teeth and very bad breath!

Diseased teeth (2) Before dental treatment

Healthy teeth (2) After dental treatment

Worse still, if left unchecked, this process can result in severe gum disease, dental pain and eventually tooth  loss. Don't let toothache ruin your pet's life-please let us advise you on caring for your pet's teeth and gums and how to prevent dental problems. We offer FREE dental checks all year round and in June we are celebrating Dental Month. Come along to a free dental check and receive a goody bag for your pet with lots of helpful hints and tips!