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  • Can you pinch an inch?

The winter months are often a time of inactivity for us and our pets! Why not make a New Year resolution to look at your pet and check if they might be carrying a bit of extra weight.

Do they have a saggy tummy? Can you feel their ribs or do you just feel flesh?

All of these are signs that your pet may be overweight. Carrying excess weight can predispose pets to arthritis, heart disease, diabetes mellitus, back problems, skin problems, liver disease and a range of other issues.

Given the potential health problems associated with excess weight it is important to address it, and that is where we can help.

If you feel you may have a portly pug or a tubby tabby we are happy to weigh them and advise you on their ideal weight. If weight loss is required we can help find the most suitable diet and exercise programme.

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