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  • Cat Chat - National Microchipping Month

June is National Microchipping Month. Sadly around 38% of the UK cat population are still not microchipped – that’s approximately 4.2 million cats!

Why should you microchip your cat?

Since the law changed Defra report that 95% of all dogs are now chipped. But it’s not just dogs that need microchipping, our beloved felines would benefit too!

Cats love the sanctuary of a warm home but sometimes get lost whilst exploring outside!

While microchipping cats is currently not compulsory, it is the best method to help you be reunited should they go missing.

Why not talk to us today about getting your cat microchipped. It couldn’t be simpler.

If your pet is already microchipped please take a moment to check your details are up to date.

Over 44% of vets couldn’t reunite a pet with their owner due to incorrect or out of date contact information on the database.

Our Hawkhurst branch recently saw the success of microchipping as it helped reunite Sam with his owners.

Sam had been missing from home for almost two months when he turned up at Merriments Garden Nursery. He was found the morning after a stormy night and had taken shelter in their potting shed.

He was four miles from home, but thanks to his microchip he was very quickly re-united with his owners, who had missed him terribly.