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  • Hank's Story - Can you help?

Hank was brought to the RSPCA as a stray. His new owner (Tricia Bodsworth) has taken him on knowing not only that he has diabetes and will require lifelong daily injections, but also that he has acromegaly, a tiny brain tumor which makes his diabetes particularly challenging to treat.

 He has made regular trips to the Royal Veterinary College's feline diabetic remission clinic, taken by both our vet Jillian Hall and his new owner.  He has been involved in several trials to learn more about this rare condition.

Hank is currently receiving daily medications to help manage his condition and is making the trip to the RVC for treatment once a month.

His owner is trying to raise funds to help him keep having the necessary treatment. [Acromegaly can only be cured by cutting edge brain surgery pioneered by the team at the RVC, but this cost can be several thousand pounds.]

Hank's owner, Tricia has started a crowd funding page to help with the cost of Hank's treatment which everyone from the RSPCA, Cinque Ports Vets, Jillian and Hank's owner Tricia is supporting.

If you feel you could help Hank by sparing a few pounds we have included the link below. Every penny will add up for Hank.


Hank also has his own Facebook page so you can keep up to date with his progress! Hank's page

Hank is a big cat with a big character and is enjoying an amazing quality of life thanks to the efforts of his new mum.