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  • Senna Teagle's Adder Encounter

Whilst out on her morning walk on a sunny June day Senna was sniffing around in the grass only to be bitten on her muzzle! She yelped and her owner jumped to the rescue, only to see a snake near where Senna stood.

The owner recognised the snake as an Adder, and immediately rushed Senna to our Lydd branch.

At our Lydd practice our vet examined Senna, whose lip was already sore and swollen from the bite!

Luckily her owner had managed to take a photo of  the snake, to which we could confirm that it was an Adder, the only native venomous snake to the UK.

Pain relief, antibiotics and steroids were given to her to help combat the swelling and help make Senna more comfortable, she was then transferred to our Kingsnorth branch for observation and fluid therapy.

Throughout the day Senna was monitored for further complications from the bite such as fever, vomiting, tremors and even collapse.

Luckily, none of these complications occurred and Senna was a very brave girl, never even flinching when we examined her which must have been uncomfortable.

The swelling on her face continued to develop for two more days; we continued to administer pain relief, antibiotics, fluid therapy and introduced laser treatment for her face to help reduce the swelling.

On the third day Senna turned a corner and the swelling dramatically decreased overnight, which meant that we could happily discharge her home. 

Apart from the facial swelling Senna remained perky and bright during her three day stay at Kingsnorth and became a firm favourite with our nurses.

Senna was seen for a follow up appointment at our Lydd branch a few days later with Sharon, where she was signed off from treatment.

Senna had a very lucky escape and we hope to see her for more routine appointments in the future!