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  • Pet Insurance

Here at Cinque Ports Vets we believe that having good quality pet insurance in place for your pet is important, but also understand that there are hundreds of policies to choose from - all with different features, benefits, limits and exclusions.  The choice can be somewhat overwhelming.  Below are a list of things that we think you might like to consider when making your choice.

  •  Does the policy provide ‘lifelong’ cover for ongoing conditions?
  • Are vet fee benefits ‘per condition’ or is there a maximum amount for all conditions?
  • Do benefits ‘re-charge’ every year that the policy is in force?
  • Does the excess need to be paid once per condition or per condition per year?
  • What is the excess? What is the co-payment and when does it apply?
  • Will your vet allow ‘direct claims’ from the insurer?
  • Besides cover against vet fees, what else does the policy include as standard?

Cinque Ports Vets only recommend Vetsure Pet Insurance as we believe they ‘tick all the boxes’ and, in particular:

  • All policies are ‘lifelong’ with generous ‘per condition’ benefits that fully re-charge each time you renew
  • The excess for veterinary treatment claims is only collected once per condition – not ‘per condition per year’
  • We are happy to settle Vetsure claims direct with Vetsure – meaning you only have to pay any excess due.

For more information please speak to a member of our team, pick up a leaflet in one of our branches, visit Vetsure.com or check out Review Centre https://www.reviewcentre.com/Pet-Insurance/Vetsure-Pet-Insurance-reviews_2011296> to see what existing clients are saying about Vetsure.