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  • Mabel Furneaux

Mabel came to visit one of our veterinary nurses, Katherine, for a free weight club consultation at our Tenterden branch, as her owner was aware that her weight was increasing.

She was being fed James Wellbeloved Adult food and was advised to switched to a light version of the diet and to weigh the food out daily. She was also advised for additional treats to be stopped, switching instead to using biscuits out of her daily allocation and for her exercise to be increased.
After 4 months of dedication from her owners, Mabel reached her target weight of 30kg, having lost 6.5kg!
Mabel After

Katherine is extremely proud of Mabel and her owners and Mabel is now thoroughly enjoying going running every morning.

If you would like to find out more about helping your pets lose weight please read our Information sheet on Weight Management or come along and see one of our veterinary nurses at your local branch.