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The long winter months are often a time of inactivity and weight gain for many pets. However keeping our pets fit and trim is just as important for pets as it is ourselves. Obesity is known to cause or worsen a number of conditions including arthritis, heart disease and diabetes mellitus to name but a few!

If you thinkthat your pet has become a little too ‘cuddly’ the first thing to do is arrange a ‘Waistwatchers’ appointment with one of our veterinary nurses. We can then advise you on your pet’s ideal bodyweight and help you achieve any weight loss which may be required. As your pet loses weight, the benefits of increased healthiness and vitality are usually seen quite quickly.

Real weight loss success!

Jake Quaintance came to see us at our Kingsnorth branch after he collapsed in the garden after chasing a cat.

Jake 1A spinal problem was suspected, X-rays were taken and emergency treatment given. Jake was hospitalised for supportive treatment and then referred for an MRI scan. The MRI showed that Jake had suffered an embolism. This is thought to be caused by intervertebral disc material being forced into the spinal cord creating a blockage of blood flow through the spinal cord. Jake had partial use of his left hind leg but was unable to use his right one or support himself.

At the time of Jake’s injury he weighed 58.7kg with a body condition score of 9/9. A healthy body condition score for a Labrador would be 5/9.

He had struggled with his weight in the past and at the time had been on a light adult food but unfortunately he was still overweight.
Due to the nature of Jake’s injury it was vital he started a weight loss program immediately to aid his recovery. A course of physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and medication was also started.

We worked out a tailor made weight loss plan using a prescription calorie controlled weight loss food called Royal Canin Satiety. The food enabled Jake to lose weight safely without being hungry, although being a Labrador Jake is always on the lookout for any food available! His owners stuck to his weight loss and treatment plan at home, providing physiotherapy, gentle exercise and a restricted diet.

Jake 3

Over the following months Jake’s mobility improved amazingly with full use of his left leg returning. His right leg improved slowly but has not returned to normal use. He steadily lost weight over 12 months and has now reached his ideal weight of 40kg with a body condition score of 5/9.

Jake is a lovely dog who is always happy to see everyone. He loves going on his walks and owes his brilliant recovery to the dedication of his owners who were determined to do the best for him. They are a great example of how determination to help your pet lose weight can dramatically improve their quality of life as well as aid medical conditions. Jake is very active and although his right leg isn’t 100% he doesn’t let it stop him!  We are all very proud of Jake and his owners at Cinque Ports Vets and always look forward to his visits.