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  • Pesky Parasites!

With the cold weather upon us it can be tempting to take a break in the ongoing battle to keep your pets and your home flea free!

However adult fleas can lay more than 50 eggs a day. These fall off your pets into cracks in the floorboards, carpets and bedding where they can lie dormant for many months before developing into adult fleas from their larval stage.

These will then hop back on to your pets feeding off their blood. Common signs of flea problems are scratching, rashes and hair loss. Visible adult fleas are often seen as well as specks of flea ‘dirt’ (faeces) in the coat.

To prevent fleas infesting your pet and your home flea treatment should be used all year round. Veterinary recommended spot on treatments are ideal for treating your pets, whilst household sprays will kill fleas and their larval stages in your home.

Regular worming all year round is also advisable as fleas can ingest tapeworm eggs. These eggs continue developing within the flea. If your pet ingests a flea while grooming, the flea is swallowed and digested allowing the tapeworm to hatch and anchor to your pets intestinal lining.

Please see our website for more information including how to save money on your pet's preventative parasite treatment by joining our Pet Healthcare Plan.