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  • Hot Dogs

Never leave a dog unattended in a car, even on a mildly warm day. The British weather can never be guaranteed, but it is important that dog owners keep their pets safe by being aware of the risks of leaving dogs unattended in a car.

Even with the car windows open and water available, temperatures can quickly heat up to around 50 degrees Celsius.  Meat can be cooked in ovens in only a little over this temperature as the proteins start to break down.

What to do if your dog overheats:

  • Contact the vet immediately
  • Move the dog out of the heat
  • Offer the dog cool, rather than cold, water for small drinks if the dog is still conscious
  • If possible, fan the dog with cool air
  • Wrap in cool, damp towels or spray with cool, not cold, water.  Pay particular attention to the head
  • Cool the dog's tongue by dabbing with a cold, damp cloth

For more information on how to prevent heatstroke please see our information sheet or contact Cinque Ports Vets.