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  • September is Pet Smile Month at Cinque Ports Vets!

It is important to start looking after your pet’s teeth from an early age, all throughout their life. Imagine how our teeth would look and our breath would smell if we didn't brush our teeth regularly.

It is just the same for your pet. Ideally you should begin brushing their teeth between 8 and 12 weeks of age as this enables them to become accustomed to it before their permanent dentition develops- but it is never too late to start!

Sadly 4 out of 5 dogs over the age of 3 have gum disease. This is caused by plaque and tartar build up around the gum line.

Pets are unable to tell us if they have toothache until the signs become more obvious and affect their ability to eat or chew.

Why not bring your pet to see us during Pet Smile Month for a FREE dental check. We will be giving away free goody bags and lots of advice and tips on how best to care for your pet's teeth as well as discounts on dental products and procedures.

More dental care information is available on our website