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  • Looking after our furry friends at Christmas

Christmas is usually a time for celebrating and spending time with our loved ones but it’s important to remember how our furry family members might be affected during the festive period.

Changing routines

Our usual routine often changes, staying out later, leaving the house to visit friends or perhaps going on holiday. Pets don’t understand our complicated lives, and rely on a simple routine. Christmas parties involve noise and usually lots of people descending on their territory. Make sure they have a quiet place or den to retreat to. Pheromone therapy can be a useful aid in helping prepare your pet for Christmas. Please ask us or see our website for more information.

Household Hazards

Christmas also increases the risks to our pets around the house. Many foods we enjoy eating at Christmas are actually dangerous to our pets. Poisoning is most commonly seen from eating chocolate, Christmas pudding or cake, grapes, sultanas, raisins, garlic or onion, anything containing the sweetener xylitol and plants such as Poinsettia, Amaryllis and Lillies. If you are concerned that your pet has eaten anything they shouldn’t have please contact us immediately.

Try to stick to your pet’s normal diet at Christmas as leftovers can often cause tummy upsets. Do not feed cooked bones as these can easily splinter, getting lodged in their throat or cause internal damage if swallowed.

Loose wires, dangling lights and tinsel can be very tempting to the inquisitive pet looking for something to chew. Also glittering glass baubles and other breakable decorations if smashed can cause cuts or serious gastrointestinal complications if eaten.

Don’t forget your small furries outside. Regularly check them and ensure their hutches or cages are warm and dry and in a sheltered position. Give them fresh food every day and check their water source hasn’t become frozen.

Lastly spend some extra quality time with your pet, cuddling them on the sofa, brushing them, playing games or going for extra walks. This will be the best Christmas present you can give them!