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  • Our Summer Top Five Tips

Walk your dogs in the morning or the evening-before 8am and after 5pm is best. Not only will this prevent them overheating in the midday sun, but hot road surfaces, pavements and sand can burn paws.

  • Pets can suffer from sunburn and heatstroke just like humans. Special sun creams can be used on pets with white fur or damaged skin.
  • Keep pets away from barbecues as they can burn themselves. Also make sure you avoid giving them barbecue scraps as they can cause tummy upsets and in some cases even trigger pancreatitis.
  • Rabbits are prone to maggot infestations (flystrike) in the summer. Flies are attracted to dirty fur and lay their eggs, which hatch in to maggots. Make sure you check your rabbit's bottom at least twice a day. If you spot any maggots call us immediately.
  • Make sure your small furries are not in the sun and have plenty of shade provided in their outdoor run. Bottles of frozen water wrapped in a towel can be placed in their cage or run for them to lie against to cool off.