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  • Firework season - planing ahead for your pet

Now is a great time to think about preparing your pet for fireworks season. There are several steps you can take to help your pets cope with this stressful time.

Planning ahead is important especially if you are considering using pheromone therapy.

At Cinque Ports Vets we have several treatments which will help your pet cope. These range from plug in diffusers like Feliway and Adaptil to capsules which you put in your pet’s food for example Nutracalm and Zylkene. All have been proven to help in relaxing your pet in the less severe cases of firework fear.

Your reaction to your pet’s fearful behaviour is also very important, since reassurance encourages pets to continue displaying a particular behaviour. It is important to remember to reward your pet’s calm behaviour with cuddles and treats but if your pet is fearful, make sure you stay relaxed and act as a good ‘role model’ carrying on as if nothing is happening.

Your veterinary nurse is more than happy to discuss all the available options with you as well as provide some top tips for the firework season itself.

Please also see our information sheets for more advice.

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