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  • How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

You will be surprised to know that it is about the same price as a fancy sports car – about £30,000.  That’s how much a little puppy is probably going to cost you over its lifetime!

It’s easy to fool yourself that one more little addition to the family is not likely to make a big difference to the budget and when they arrive on your doorstep as a “free gift” (as they are inclined to do especially in the case of the adorable little kitten).  However when you think that the average cat and dog now lives to 12 years and beyond the costs really do add up!

Taking into account the cost of food, vet treatments, kennels, petminders, groomers, insurance and accessories the average cat is going to cost you in the region of £18,500 and a dog £30,500.

For pet owners all over the world we know the benefits of owning a pet are priceless but you need to bear in mind the financial commitment.

Given these facts here are our top tips for pet ownership:-

Get Pet Insurance - Please!

Almost half of the UK pet populations will need medical treatment this year – at an average cost of £220 each.  Getting pet insurance or putting money aside for a veterinary emergency treatment is very sensible.  Check out the insurance policy carefully as buying on price can be a very false economy as budget policies put limits on what the policy will pay out on.  You will get the best value from a lifetime policy where cover limits are renewed every year.

Insurance should be purchased as soon as you get your new pet as there will less likelihood of excluded pre-existing medical conditions.

Remember also that no policy will pay out on routine treatments such as vaccinations and worming, flea treatments or nail clipping.  There will also be an excess to be paid for each and every condition on which you make a claim.

Get your pet microchipped

Pets do go astray and a staggering 14,500 dogs with microchips were reunited with their owners via Dogs Trust alone.  Please make sure you spend the money having your pet microchipped.  All pets!