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  • Keep your Paws off my Partner!

There’s a new love triangle in town; you, the love of your life and a ball of fur on four legs. Research conducted by Vetsure Pet Insurance has revealed that 75% of pet owners say their pet is equally, if not more, important than other family members!

  • 59% of Brits buy luxury products for their pets at least once a month, compared to 25% who confessed they do not buy gifts for their partners!
  • More than a quarter of people say that their pet is their best friend
  • 32% obtained a pet because they felt they were a necessary addition to their family


It makes perfect sense really. We’re a nation of pet lovers, and if we care for our beloved animals and show them affection, they’ll be loyal and show it back. But can the same be said for our better halves?
Compared to past times, today sees a much less hierarchical distance between parents, partners, kids and their pets. The latter rule the roost nowadays, with 46% of Brits surveyed allowing their pet to sleep anywhere they want in the home. Two in five go as far as allowing their pet to sleep on their bed and, of these, 14% said that this has had a negative impact on their sex life!


Ashley Gray, vet and founder of Vetsure Pet Insurance says: “This research highlights that the special relationship we have with our pets is becoming ever closer and more complex. As pet owners we are benefiting more and more from our pets on an emotionallevel - in ways that our ‘non-furry’ loved ones just can’t replicate. Pets don’t judge us, they are incredibly forgiving of our faults and usually give more than they get from the relationship. How can any partner compete with that?!”


Our love for our pets is also reflected in our spending habits, pet owners admitted to splurging as much as £846 a month on their pet. 59% of pet owners suggested that they bought luxury items such as treats and accessories for their pet at least once a month and a generous 27% admitted to buying pet presents on a weekly basis!

Our partners faired less well in the research, as only 33% of those questioned confessed to treating their other half every month and a mere 11% on a weeklybasis!  Perhaps relying on our pet is more paw-pular than we thought?

The increasing importance of pets in our lives highlights the importance of pet insurance. Despite the fact that we are spoiling our pets only a quarter of pet owners in the UK have pet insurance. “At times of pet illness and accident, the last thing that you want to have to worry about is how to cover the bill – that’s why we are keen to encourage more pet owners to take out pet insurance. 75% of Vetsure claims are paid direct to the vet - so in most cases the pet owner only has to pay the excess at the time of treatment.”

For anyone needing assistance, Vetsure can help you choose the best policy for your pet via 0844 879 7061.