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  • Our Cat Clinic in Wye is opening on 20th July!

Our new dedicated cat clinic is opening for the purr-fect place for feline care in Wye, Kent.

It’s the brainchild of Cinque Ports Vets and is our sixth practice in Kent and East Sussex and our first surgery specifically for cats. 

The clinic is based in Wye, Kent, and experienced vet and cat expert Madeleine Totham has been recruited to lead the exciting new venture. 

Madeleine, who has an Advanced Diploma in Feline Behaviour Management and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Animal Behaviour, said: “My passion has always been cats so when this opportunity to work at the cat clinic came up, I jumped at it!

cinque ports in wye kent open a dedicated cat clinic

“It’s perfect timing. I have spent the last three years completing my feline behaviour studies and I am now looking forward to putting these principles in place in the cat clinic. 

“I have also completed an International Society for Feline Medicine (ISFM) course to further enhance my veterinary knowledge of caring for cats. 

“So, I’m really looking forward to the cat clinic opening and offering a special service specifically for cats. 

“I am keen to improve both feline health and welfare and look forward to making vet visits for cats a better experience!” 

The clinic will be opening on Tuesday, July 25 and offer 20-minute appointments allowing cat patients plenty of time to acclimatise to their new environments. 

Come and see our brand new cat clinic

Cinque Ports Vets’ Rebecca Ringrose said the clinic has been especially designed with cats in mind. 

Rebecca said: “At Cinque Ports Vets, we understand visiting the vets can be a stressful experience for many of our patients but more so for our feline friends. 

“Cats are unique and sensitive souls who like a peaceful life and will do their utmost to avoid stress and conflict, so we have designed our cat clinic accordingly. 

“The whole clinic has been created to promote as stress-free an experience for our patients as possible. 

“There is a specially designed waiting area and there are places in the consult rooms for them to explore. 

“We’re confident the beautiful, tranquil Kent countryside village of Wye is also the purr-fect place for our quiet and peaceful cat clinic. 

“We believe it is everything our feline friends have been meowing for!” 

Initially, the clinic, which is just 15 minutes from Cinque Ports Vets’ Kingsnorth Hospital, will open on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 8.30am and 4pm. 

Local cat owners can enjoy a sneak preview though on Thursday (July 20) when the clinic is hosting an open afternoon for clients to meet the team, look around the new clinic and enjoy tea and cakes. 

Explore our brand new cat clinic in Wye!